Storage Bed 4000

The photographed set finished in Topo Jute

±29 cm

total height

Our Storage Bed 4000 is an upholstered model that offers excellent quality and finishing. The interior part of the lid is upholstered in 3D fabric, matching the contour of the drawer. It has a total height of ±29 cm



It is always delivered disassembled for easy transportation and assembly. This model is not manufactured with a bed base, nor with a displacement system, nor with an electric lift system.


1. Retention arch with upholstered cover matching the drawer.

2. Kraft cover with perforated ventilation system. Thick overlapping cover. Interior upholstered cover in 3D fabric, contour matching drawer.

3. Integrated upholstered finger pull.

4. 30 mm thick wooden structure.

5. Metal frame lid.

6. Lifting system with hydraulic cylinders.

7. PVC edge trim.

8. Useful capacity: 22.8 cm.

9. Size of 180 and 200 cm is delivered with 2 lids, 2 handles, 4 hinges with hydraulic pistons, and complete divided external drawer with 2 internal sides, plus 4 bottoms, incorporated union kit.

10. Storage Bed bottom 12 mm thick, beige color, with anti-slip, anti-dust, and anti-humidity rubber.


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