Visco, Titanium Pro Extrafirm pocket spring


± 27 cm

  • Adaptation 50% 50%
  • Firmness 90% 90%
  • Breathability 80% 80%

Who is it recommended for?

Our Stone mattress belongs to our Premium range, which is characterized by its quality and comfort.

It features the Titanium Pro pocket spring core, which comes with a 5-year warranty, providing very high firmness and excellent breathability.

Stone incorporates recycled Luxe Linen fabric in its padding, which is environmentally friendly.

It is especially recommended for XL-sized individuals who desire a firm sleeping surface with minimal heat retention.


1. Luxe Linen Recycled Fabric

2. Visco 0.5 cm

3. Profiled Foam, 2 cm

4. Profiled Foam, 2 cm

5. Extra Firm Box Foam 30 kg, 2 cm

6. Titanium Pro Extra Firm Pocket Spring

7. Extra Firm Box Foam 30 kg, 2 cm

8. Foam, 1 cm

9. Fiber, 180 gr

10. Strech Fabric, 240 gr

11. Extra Firm Perimeter Reinforcement, 30 kg

12. Padded Side Band with Upholstery Fabric

13. 4 Embroidered Faux Leather Handles


Embroidered Front Patch and Upholstered Side Band


Recycled Linen Upholstery on the Upper Side Panel


Continuous Bottom Side Fabric


80x180 90x180 105x180 120x180 135x180 140x180 150x180 160x180 180x180 200x180
80x190 90x190 105x190 120x190 135x190 140x190 150x190 160x190 180x190 200x190
80x200 90x200 105x200 120x200 135x200 140x200 150x200 160x200 180x200 200x200