Carbon Visco, Nano Pocket Spring, Extra Firm Pocket Spring


± 32 cm

  • Adaptability 90% 90%
  • Firmness 80% 80%
  • Breathability 80% 80%

Who is it recommended for?

Luxury presents itself as a high-end mattress, incorporating a dual core of pocket springs, nano springs, and 5-zone pocket springs. This combination of cores makes the Luxury one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market. It features a layer of Carbon Viscoelastic foam, which reduces odors, enhances breathability and coolness, and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

Recommended for individuals who tend to feel hot at night and are seeking a highly breathable mattress with minimal heat buildup, odor dispersion, and a high level of comfort.


1. Damastretch Silk Touch Fabric

2. Fiber, 180 gr

3. Carbon Visco, 1 cm

4. Supersoft Foam, 4 cm

5. Nano Pocket Spring, 420 springs per m², 4 cm

6. Firm Foam, 2 cm

7. 5-zone Firm Pocket Spring, 240 springs per m²

8. Firm Foam, 2 cm

9. Fiber, 180 gr

10. Strech Fabric

11. Extra Firm Perimeter Reinforcement, 30 kg

12. Quilted Velvet Fabric Side Panel


Side panel in two designs, quilted with velvet fabric.


Quilted top-to-top system on the upper side


Continuous quilting on the lower side


80x180 90x180 105x180 120x180 135x180 140x180 150x180 160x180 180x180 200x180
80x190 90x190 105x190 120x190 135x190 140x190 150x190 160x190 180x190 200x190
80x200 90x200 105x200 120x200 135x200 140x200 150x200 160x200 180x200 200x200