Gel, Medium Pocket Spring, Visco


± 20 cm mattress

± 17 cm mattress

  • Adaptability 60% 60%
  • Firmness 90% 90%
  • Breathability 80% 80%

Who is it recommended for?

Happy belongs to our range of youth mattresses. These are specially designed for the youngest members of the household. Their unrestrained, current, and modern image makes them ideal for adding a touch of distinction.

It has two well-differentiated sides, one for summer and one for winter, regardless of weight.

It is composed of a core of firm pocket springs, providing high firmness. On the summer side, it incorporates a layer of Gel memory foam, which has minimal heat buildup. On the winter side, it features a latex layer that helps retain heat.

It is a highly breathable model with medium adaptability.

Recommended for children or individuals who desire a soft, adaptable mattress with a high level of firmness. Additionally, its pocket spring core provides excellent breathability.


1. Strech Fabric

2. Latex Sheet, 1 cm

3. Fiber, 150 gr

4. Fiber, 100 gr

5. Firm Pocket Spring Core, 210 springs per m²

6. Fiber, 100 gr

7. Fiber, 150 gr

8. Gel Visco, 1 cm

9. Breathable White 3D Fabric

10. Extra Firm Perimeter Reinforcement

11. Quilted Side Panel with Castle-Type Strech Fabric


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Fabric on the upper side


Fabric on the lower side

Measurements of mattress: 20 cm
Measurements of mattress: 17 cm

80x180 90x180 105x180
80x190 90x190 105x190
80x200 90x200 105x200


80x180 90x180 105x180
80x190 90x190 105x190
80x200 90x200 105x200