Perfect for winter and summer.


± 30 cm

  • Adaptation 50% 50%
  • Firmness 90% 90%
  • Breathability 90% 90%

¿Para quién está recomendado?

Our Emotion mattress is recommended for XL-sized individuals, thanks to its high-resistance pocketed spring core. It offers a high level of firmness and breathability, making it ideal for warm sleepers. Additionally, it strikes the right balance between firmness and adaptation to provide a high level of comfort.

Emotion was chosen as the best mattress of 2022 by the prestigious publication EMC.

1. Fresh Quality fabric

2. Soft foam, 4 cm

3. Firm foam, 1 cm

4. Extra firm Box foam, 30 kg, 2 cm

5. Firm pocketed spring, 240 springs per square meter

6. Extra firm Box foam, 30 kg, 2 cm

7. Soft foam, 4 cm

8. Fiber, 180 g

9. Velour fabric, 280 g

10. Hard perimeter reinforcement, 30 kg

Quilted border with faux topper padded with Velour fabric

Fresh Quality fabric

Fresh Quality fabric


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