Carbon visco, gel visco, firm pocket spring


± 26 cm

  • Adaptation 70% 70%
  • Firmness 75% 75%
  • Breathability 80% 80%

Who is it recommended for?

Our Tivoli mattress offers medium to high adaptability and firmness. It features a layer of carbon viscoelastic foam and another layer of gel, which allows the mattress to accumulate minimal heat, disperse odors, and act as a barrier against dust mites and bacteria. The firm pocket spring core provides stability and breathability. Overall, it’s a very cool mattress.

It’s recommended for individuals who prefer mattresses that are not too thick, with a medium to high level of comfort, medium adaptability, and minimal heat retention.


1. Stretch Fabric

2. Carbon Visco, 1 cm

3. Gel Visco, 2 cm

4. Supersoft Foam, 3 cm

5. Firm Pocket Spring, 230 springs per m²

6. Fiber, 180 gr

7. Stretch Fabric

8. Extra Firm Perimeter Reinforcement

9. Quilted Plataband with Combined Stretch Fabric


Embroidered Label


Fabric on the upper side, panel by panel


Padded side band with combined stretch fabric


90x180 105x180 135x180 150x180 160x180 180x180 200x180
90x190 105x190 135x190 150x190 160x190 180x190 200x190
90x200 105x200 135x200 150x200 160x200 180x200 200x200