Wool, extra firm pocketed spring, cotton


± 29 cm

  • Adaptation 60% 60%
  • Firmness 90% 90%
  • Breathability 90% 90%

Who is it recommended for?

Our Ecologic mattress belongs to the natural range in our catalog. It stands out for the quality of its components, the incorporation of high-quality recycled fabrics, its medium adaptation, and its high firmness providing a high level of comfort.

It features a core of Extra Firm pocketed springs with 240 springs per square meter. This reinforced core offers enhanced breathability. It combines layers of wool, fiber, and cotton. This combination makes the Ecologic model entirely natural.

It is recommended for individuals seeking a firm sleeping surface with medium adaptation. It’s a very cool, breathable mattress and highly environmentally friendly.


1. 100% recycled and ecological fabric (80% cotton and 20% polyester), 180 g

2. Soft fiber, 180 g

3. Supersoft foam, 4 cm

4. Wool, 300 g/m²

5. Box supersoft foam, 4 cm

6. Extra firm pocketed spring, 240 springs per square meter

7. Box extra firm foam, 4 cm

8. Profiled foam, 2 cm

9. 100% cotton, 300 g/m²

10. Soft fiber, 180 g

11. Air Quality fabric, 300 g

12. Extra firm perimeter reinforcement, 30 kg

13. 4 embroidered side handles and front patch

14. Quilted border with 100% recycled fabric


Embroidered front patch


Top-to-Top fabric for the upper side


Bottom Stretch anti-slip Air Quality fabric


80x180 90x180 105x180 120x180 135x180 140x180 150x180 160x180 180x180 200x180
80x190 90x190 105x190 120x190 135x190 140x190 150x190 160x190 180x190 200x190
80x200 90x200 105x200 120x200 135x200 140x200 150x200 160x200 180x200 200x200