Gel foam, firm pocket spring, visco


± 27 cm

  • Adaptability 50% 50%
  • Firmness 85% 85%
  • Breathability 80% 80%

Who is it recommended for?

Our Caxton mattress has high firmness with medium adaptability, offering high breathability with minimal heat retention. It’s made up of a firm pocket coil core that provides stability and firmness. The combination of layers of Memory Foam and Gel Foam provides excellent comfort.

It has two distinct sides, one for winter and one for summer, making it ideal for year-round use.

It is recommended for those seeking a firm sleeping surface with a medium level of adaptability.


1. Double electronic Strech fabric

2. Gel Foam, 1 cm

3. Extra firm foam, 1 cm

4. Profiled foam, 2 cm

5. Supersoft foam, 4 cm

6. Firm pocket coil 240 coils/m²

7. Supersoft foam, 4 cm

8. Fiber, 180 gr

9. Memory foam, 1 cm

10. Extra firm foam, 1 cm

11. Strech fabric on the bottom side

12. Extra firm perimeter reinforcement, 30 kg

13. 4 embroidered vertical side handles

14. Quilted plataband in Strech fabric


Quilted plataband with embroidered front patch


Double electronic fabric on the top side


Bottom side fabric


80x180 90x180 105x180 120x180 135x180 140x180 150x180 160x180 180x180 200x180
80x190 90x190 105x190 120x190 135x190 140x190 150x190 160x190 180x190 200x190
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